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Interior build out

VELTECH's central core is Interior buildout construction; we love and are passionate about the process of preparing the interior of a newly constructed building or renovating an existing space to create functional areas such as offices, stores, restaurants, or homes for existing or future tenants

For over ten years, VELTECH has been building the interiors of offices, medical facilities, restaurants, and retail stores. VELTECH’s preconstruction and construction services offer our clients everything from designing your project to creating construction budgets, permitting, and construction buildout.

  • Commercial Construction

  • Commercial Interior Build-Outs

  • Commercial Design

  • Interior Architecture

  • Commercial Interior Design

  • Commercial Renovation

  • Construction Remodel

  • Commercial Architects

  • Apartment Remodeling

  • Office Remodeling

  • Building Remodeling

  • Building and Construction

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